Wednesday, December 1, 2010

worst blog keeper ever.

it's been 3 weeks. i don't know if anyone really reads these, but for my own conscience it's starting to wear. so i deactivated my facebook, which hopefully will in turn help me be better at posting things here.

so i think the 5 kittens are gone now. i just came home and can't find them. they were cute while they lasted. i will miss them. we never even got to name all of them but we liked the names Wallace and Whitman. also, the black and white chubby one was blind and was also the favorite and not just because of his handicap. sorry if you never got to see them. hope you enjoy these sweet photos.

before they had eyes.

                                                                         kitty pile.

 Wallace, Whitman, or Winston. you choose.

 cuddle friends.


 blind baby.

 running into walls = winning hearts.



heather said...

best post ever!!! i'm so sad they're gone!! i hope the momma kitty has more soon. it's probably good i didn't get to see them with their eyes open in person. i would have squished them way too hard.

adam said...

oh my goodness. between your blog and the video on pearl's blog i'm getting cute kitten overload. it may be fatal.

danne said...

ROAR!! Im so mad I never got to see them. They are so cute. I love that it was the blind one that ended up being your fav. I miss my handicat too!

Anonymous said...

the kitties are gone, but the scratches on my hand remain.

Casey said...

Oh boy, So many cute pictures. How dare someone take these little guys away.

alex aulelio shahan said...

Gimme this keeshie!